Major Brands and Music Labels

The big players and brands are now in the online digital game big time. The deep knowledge they know about online marketing is proof that digital marketing is effective and is the future of advertising and is also a key reason you should be as well.

What your competition don’t know is our savvy company High Sky Marketing & PR has been in the industry for over 15 years with clients large and small. We are your major advantage to digital revenue and a business partner you can trust. Just ask any of our clients.

If we tell you we can help we will. If we tell you we can’t we can’t. We tell you this up front.

We don’t take on projects or contracts we can’t deliver on. We just can’t build the kind of business referrals we want  any other way. We don’t take on all opportunities as we are not the right fit for some projects.

But if we do take on your brand or project we will present creative ideas worth their weight in gold and implement them based on your budget and goals.

High Sky Marketing & PR is your secret weapon to earning tangible passive income, sales and conversions leveraging the wolds 2nd largest search engine & other Major Search Engines.

We can get your music digitally distributed everywhere it need to be and you collect 100% of the royalties.

If you are not seeing results from your current situation we can audit and report to you if we see an opportunity to improve or generate a passive income stream for your music. product or brand threw sync licensing, product and music placement in major film and TV productions, etc.

If you are not marketing your independent music, brand or product aggressively online you are missing out on an incredible opportunity.

The digital landscape provides a chance to build brands and companies in months which would normally take years.

Retaining the ownership of our intellectual property, and granting licenses for its use IS the future!

Who wants to build their music or brand this year?

Our Mission Is Simple.
“To do the impossible, with class and integrity”. – Shelby Craft, CEO ~High Sky Marketing & PR

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